Institute of Neurophysiology and Cellular Biophysics

Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Schild i.R.

Research Topics

Endocannabinergic modulation of olfactory information processing

CB1 immunofluorescence

Localization of CB1 receptors on dendrites of ORNs
red: rCB1-NH-Alexa546, green: biocytin-avidine-488.

The goals of this research focus are to investigate the molecular mechanisms of endocannabinoid modulation and its functional role in the olfactory epithelium. Recently we could show that the block of CB1 receptors results in an altered odor responsiveness of individual sensory neurons (Czesnik et al., 2007). Additionally we could localize CB1 receptors on dendrites of olfactory sensory neurons.