Institute of Neurophysiology and Cellular Biophysics

Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Schild i.R.

Joining the lab

How to join the lab

fluorescence imaging

In case you would like to carry out a project in our lab (e.g., B.Sc., M.Sc. or PhD), please don't hesitate to contact

Information for students

The research in this department deals with the recognition, transduction and mapping of molecules and odorants in sensory neurons and in the brain.
Projects and methods range from classical patch clamping and morphology to various kinds of imaging such as conventional and 2 photon laser scanning microscopy, as well as single molecule analysis by scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. A recent project is the development of a novel type of artificial nose. Typically students from the Medical School, from the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Physics collaborate in the lab. Students who are interested in carrying out an experimental project or a methods course are invited to contact us in order to discuss project plans.
Projects may lead to one of the following degrees:
- Faculty of Physics: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, PhD / Dr.rer.nat.
- Faculty of Biology: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, PhD / Dr.rer.nat.
- Medical School: Dr. med. or Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, PhD in Molecular Medicine
In this lab, PhD projects can be carried out in the following PhD - programmes:
- Physics of Biological and Complex Systems
- Neuroscience
- Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
- Molecular Medicine
- Sensory and Motor Systems
Funding is normally provided.